Our own designed Glass-Curtain system

Clear View System

Our own designed Glass-Curtain system, developed to give you the ultimate in safety, wind resistance and usability



1: Usable glass thickness 8,10 and 12 mm.
2: Adjustment of 9.5 mm up and 10 mm down.
3: Exit gate without opening arm.
4: Anti jam wheel system.
5: Re-enforced stainless-steel wheel stems.
6: Three bearings per top wheel unit.
7: Aluminium end profiles with cups to receive panels.
8: Male to female end caps for weatherproofing.
9: Bottom profile gutters.
10: Exit hole cover plate.
11: Glass bolted to profiles.
12: Sunken profile available.
13: Able to move panels around corners with ease.

The Clear View Glass Curtains.
This is a strong and robust glass curtain system and will last for many years to come, made with thick walled aluminium profiles coloured or wood-grained to your desire, Many features including, anti jam wheel system, no opening arm allowing curtains or blinds to be fixed closer, male and female end caps for weather proofing, aluminium end profiles instead of rubbers, able to move around corners smoothly, easy and rapid fabrication. easy installation with our installation guide that you will find in Downloads. Close off your Balcony, terrace, structure, or even inside the home, these are all the type of places you will benefit from the Clear View system, wind tested with CE certificates Water tightness and air permeability. also Safety performance and resistance to wind loads. 10 mm glass as standard, we have all our profiles extruded here in Spain to a high standard. Take a quick browse through our Gallery page to see what and how we can improve the living space and how we are able to achieve this for you in your home.

This is how The Clear view system works from Glass Technical Systems.


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