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Imagine being able to enjoy the meters of your terrace, porch, balcony, solarium or patio more days the year ... With our system of Glass Curtains you can. We specialize in the enclosure of spaces without profiles.

Glass Technical Systems is a company dedicated to the development of enclosures using glass curtains for your terrace, balcony or pergola, also installing fixed and mobile roofs ...

The main advantage of the GTS system is that the glass panels do not have any vertical profiles, so they do not alter the aesthetics of the building (something primarily expected in many communities and from neighbours).

With our system of glass curtains you can achieve a useful space simply,

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Benefits of Using Glass Curtains

  • Ideal for insulating

  • Completely closed

  • Allow the wind rain nor heat etc para, protection from the elements

  • Sound insulation

  • Luminosity

  • Little space

Not affecting the facade

The glass curtains allow you to enjoy your terrace all year without suffering the inclement weather. They do not affect the facade of the building since they do not have any vertical profile of aluminum.

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Fully opening and lateral coupling

The work we do from the survey to the installation is meticulous, using a guide profile on the floor and a fully adjustable profile on the ceiling thus allowing our glass panels to slid and stack with ease to the end of the run and close up again without altering walls or the building’s façade.

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Minimal maintenance

Our glass curtains need minimal maintenance to be in perfect condition at all times, we also supply fixed and manual or motorised mobile roofs, bi-fold doors, percianas and much more in fact any work involving aluminium carpentry. We invite you to see our products and ask us any questions.

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