What we do

Glass Curtains

With Glass Curtains you can enjoy your terrace, patio or balcony all year round regardless of weather conditions.

Our glass curtain system Clear View is a very strong but versatile system made here in Spain. We are able to install them in the trickiest of places and able to move panels around corners in most cases. The standard panels are made from 10mm toughened glass to the EU standard, the advantages of the glass curtains are after fitted they will still leave you with your panoramic view, we also manufacture the system with double glazed panels for a more weather tight seal. Also available is our slide and stack system used on many commercial properties.

Aluminium Windows

We use a wide range of profiles to suit cost and quality, made to your specific requirements colour and style, Aluminium or UPVC.

We make aluminium doors and windows to suite all pockets, ranging from the standard window systems up thermal break profiles of the highest quality, tilt and turn, elevating sliding patio doors for extra-large doors, you also can choose a colour from our extensive range making the personal touch to your home.

UPVC widows have a smaller range of colours but we are using a class A product for client’s total satisfaction and security.

Mobile Roofs

There are three main types of roof we use, mobile, bio climatic (louver) and fixed.

We can install a fixed roof with transparent or obscure glass or solid panels, or choose from either our retractable roof that will open up to 75% or our bioclimatic roof made from a specially designed type of louver which turns through 90+ degrees letting light and air pass through, they also can be installed with weather detectors and interior lighting. Fixed roofing also available in the same types of glass or panels.


A minimal effect is very popular now with no vertical uprights only a “shoe” at the bottom, also with the hi grade stainless steel posts and clips is looking very beautiful to surround pools and stair cases etc.

Our glass balustrade can be installed either inside or outside, for around swimming pools or boundary fencing up the side of stairs etc. our posts are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel to ensure a top quality finish, all caped, welded and then polished to a high standard so no joints are visible, or you could choose the stand alone system using a shoe embedded into the terrace or simply bolted to the surface to give an uninterrupted view to enjoy your home to the max.


Bi-Fold doors are a very popular replacement for your patio doors, easy to use and very secure, also our system 35 double glazed glass curtains is a fantastic solution.

We are now fitting the latest in bi-fold door systems from Cortizo, the system allows you to make doors up to 1.2meters wide depending on the height, the system runs smoothly with the weight distribution on the bottom, we also do a more economical version depending on the requirements.


We can design and build you a structure to extend your living space for that extra luxury and space, using all of the above products.

We will design you a conservatory in our planning department using CAD Design, this will give you as a customer a better view of how the finished product will look down to the retractable roof and glass curtains stacked in their position. The steel is primed and then powder coated and baked in an oven for a long lasting durable paint finish.